Development Portfolio

Besides lipivir®, Devirex has a Development Portfolio for three potential applications:


Genital Herpes is much more painful than Cold Sores. People who suffer from genital herpes are prepared to take oral systemic products (in high doses with the risk of side effects) to get relief. This market is potentially as big as the cold sore market as although the incidence is lower than oral disease the severity means that higher prices can be justified. Male Genital Herpes in particular may be more amenable to topical treatment. Anecdotal reports to Devirex from a few individual patients suffering both forms who tried the product during early testing indicate that lipivir® technology may also prevent outbreaks from occurring in this condition. This development is at an early stage. Clinical trials will have to be performed following the information received from the Mechanism of Action studies. The clinical trials will be multi-centre studies with Universities in Europe and the US.


Herpes Zoster is a disease also caused by the Herpes family of viruses. The symptoms are seeming as large areas of irritated, reddened and very painful itching skin around the torso. Anecdotal evidence of effectiveness from two persons again voluntarily self-testing during early product development has been received by the Company. The Mechanism of Action investigations will deliver important data for clinical trial design. A clinical trial in Europe has to be planned and conducted with Universities specialised in this field.


Other viral and bacterial skin diseases also seem to respond to treatment with the lipivir® technology. Anecdotal reports and observations seen during early testing gave hints of this activity. Further formal assessments will be undertaken with results anticipated during the next 4 years and product development thereafter.