Devirex was founded in 2006 with the primary goal of developing a product that can prevent the appearance of cold sores (herpes simplex virus, HSV-1). After conducting a development phase with a clinical study, Devirex found itself in the situation of having discovered a new technology that can prevent outbreaks of oral herpes with a high degree of efficiency.

The next steps were registration of patents and trademarks, comprehensive market studies and initial marketing activities with customer surveys. In 2010 the Company applied for patent (EPO) and registration of the trademark lipivir® worldwide and in 2011 the Company received marketing authorisation for the EU market (CE-mark), Class IIa.

In 2012 lipivir® was classified and licensed as a medical device by Health Canada. Extensive market research was carried out for the markets in Switzerland, Germany, United Kingdom and France. In 2014 preparations started for a launch in UK. Devirex focused on online marketing and sales. A softlaunch in UK was done in November through a free sample campaign which resulted in 8,000 orders in 10 days.

During 2016 the Company continued its digital marketing activities, mainly social media. During the autumn, the Board of Directors finetuned the Company’s future sales and marketing strategy and in the fourth quarter Devirex entered into the Company’s commercialisation phase. Through engagement of a UK-based marketing agent the Company launched a marketing campaign mainly using various social media channels. The outcome of the campaign was satisfactory and it was obvious for the Company that it has found a good blend of marketing activities.

Strengthened by the digital marketing efforts and the very high level of customer satisfaction Devirex continued with digital marketing campaigns during the first half of 2017. Among many activities Devirex has launched lipivir® in Canada and Italy which means that the Company is now present in four countries.