lipivir® launch in the United Kingdom

2017-02-15 12:00

Devirex AG has launched lipivir® in the UK after a following an intensive period of market preparation. The United Kingdom has been chosen as the first country outside Switzerland to launch lipivir® as, with a 64 Million population more than 6 Million people will have a high recurrence of cold sores outbreaks. The daytime population of Greater London area alone with its commuters has a population which is three times Switzerland which makes it the perfect market entry point. Londoners are a people who are very conscious of their looks and is a prime location for the fashionable and trendy. 

The lipivir® launch has a strong focus on Public Relations as this approach enables the company to introduce lipivir® as the first prevention product in the world holding out the promise of having a life free from the blight of cold sore misery and providing great relief for those who are heavy sufferers. Devirex selected the renowned and prize winning PR company Finn Communications to support the launch process and take the lead media communications. lipivir® is of particular benefit to everyone concerned with looking good and so is positioned primarily as a beauty product and so will be targeted at fashion consumers in the first phase. The launch will be led through digital marketing and presence in social media, as well as in in fashion magazines and through collaboration with influencers (e.g. beauty bloggers) and later with brand ambassadors.

Regional and National PR activities will be augmented by advertising campaigns through Google and the social media.

"This is a milestone in the history of Devirex as now this exceptional and unique product can be brought to UK customers who have been waiting forever to finally have a solution for this unpleasant affliction." commented Devirex Chairman Martin Austin.

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