lipivir® becomes a major sponsor of “The Dance” Show

2017-05-23 12:00

lipivir® is a consumer brand and is promoted globally as a beauty product. “The Dance” is a show with participants of around the globe and with global recognition. The contestants need to look and feel good in public performance and so represent a key group of people who will benefit from lipivir® and the prevention of cold sores and so will the audience the show attracts. This is therefore an excellent opportunity for Devirex AG to increase brand awareness among young people on an international stage.

“The Dance” is an event for the youthful and energetic, it is the first major Urban Dance competition with ten participating teams coming from all continents competing against each other in a big event in Zurich where the teams are judged by an international jury during their performance. To qualify contestants compete at regional auditions for instance in Switzerland there were 10 events in popular locations leading up to the final show. At each event Urban Dancers performed their self-styled routines in front of a jury of dance professionals and celebrities. The ten best dancers from the qualification rounds were then invited to present a dance show before the start of the final competition round in Zurich.

The Dance programmes began in 2016. The original jury was Russell Simmons, Angela Martini, Dario Cesari, Storm, Salah and Betty Style. Moreover special guest acts were presented by Les Twins, Sydney Youngblood and DJ Tony Touch. The show reached more than 25 Million people worldwide watching the competition online. This was an outstanding achievement result for an event occurring the first time. In 2017 the audience had grown to more than 30 Million people who streamed the event worldwide and showing the increasing status of the event the special guest act was starred Akon. Devirex’ co-sponsors included Samsung, Mazda and Calvin Klein and the show was broadcasted live through Red Bull TV. The whole event stirred major activities on social media giving even further reach for the lipivir® among the new generation of artists and performers as well as the audience.

View the video here, also available on lipivir®’s facebook page.

“This has been a great opportunity to reach out to a huge number of people in a medium which is relevant to our key messaging and the needs of our customers, helping us to build a truly global brand!” commented Devirex Chairman Martin Austin.

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