lipivir® launch in Canada

2017-06-15 12:00

lipivir® received approval from Health Canada in 2013. Devirex AG located the right distribution partner for Canada and signed a distribution agreement in December 2016 with Canbridge Science (Montreal). Canbridge launched lipivir® in Canada in June 2017 after an intensive period of preparation. The approach used will be similar to that used in the United Kingdom.

The lipivir® launch in Canada has a strong focus on Public Relations as this approach enables the company to give consumers a broad understanding of the product. As lipivir® is the first prevention product for cold sores worldwide this benefit needs to be carefully explained to customers as until now only products that treat symptoms have been available Because it offers prevention lipivir® preserves the natural beauty of the lips. It can be combined with other skin care products and with lipstick. lipivir® is applied as a part of your daily skin care routine just as you do with make-up. Hence the launch campaign will centre on the social benefits of being cold sore free. The launch program will be led through digital marketing and a strong presence in social media, as well as in magazines and through collaboration with influencers (e.g. beauty bloggers) and later with brand ambassadors.

As Canada is a geographically a very large country with a low density of population outside the three big cities lipivir will also be made available in retail outlets in addition to online ordering and personal delivery services which adapts well to customers’ needs. Canbridge will therefore be collaborating with selected pharmacy chains from the outset.

“It is wonderful news that lipivir® is now available in a second continent and confirms our progress toward soon becoming a global brand and helping sufferers worldwide!” commented Devirex Chairman Martin Austin.

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