lipivir® introduction in Italy

2017-10-20 12:00

lipivir® is promoted as a global beauty product. Italy is a geography where beauty and fashion is very popular and in the mind of nearly everyone. The Management Team of Devirex AG therefore decided to do an exploratory launch in Italy as the company doesn’t would like to have such an influential centre of fashion and culture aware of lipivir® its benefits for beauty and confidence.

Our newly appointed and stylish Italian staff member Nino began to offer lipivir® through in three web-shops in Italy one month ago. Among them is Because of the exceptional customer reach they offer after only one day the first of many beauty bloggers approached addressed us for a collaboration. We provided samples to let her validate our claims herself and, after only one more weeks’ time another 18 bloggers from all over the country came to us asking to be blog partners. Of course, we have invited them all to help us tell Italy about lipivir®.This phenomenon is continuing and after four weeks we now have 43 beauty bloggers helping to spread the word. This evolving story shows that in every country the whole online community is actively seeking an answer to the problem of cold sores. At Devirex we are pleased and proud that the lipivir® community has such able and willing partners. We will be doing all we can to help them help their followers. The beauty blogger community will be one of a number of major influencer groups for lipivir® in the Italian market. This community has great influence and will help us contact all who need lipivir® to liberate themselves from the tyranny of cold sore problems

Because lipivir® offers prevention it preserves the natural beauty of the lips. It can be combined with other skin care products and with lipstick. lipivir® is applied as a part of your daily skin care routine just as you do with make-up. In a later stage Devirex will start the promotion of lipivir® in a similar way as it was done in UK. Hence the launch campaign will centre on the social benefits of being cold sore free. The launch program will be led through digital marketing and a strong presence in social media, as well as in magazines and through collaboration with influencers (e.g. beauty bloggers) and later with brand ambassadors.

“This is a great example of how different markets in Europe react differently to our innovation. We will have to take this wonderful experience into as an excellent example of how to succeed in new markets!” commented Devirex CEO Paul Scherer.

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