The word on everyone’s lips - lipivir®

2017-10-30 06:50

The latest Newsflash from Devirex AG to its shareholders.

Patent News

At long last we have been awarded a patent for lipivir in USA!
This has now been granted as Patent No 9,814,743 and forms another strong reason for investors to back Devirex in the upcoming Convertible Loan activities. This together with a newly granted patent for Israel and the patents granted in China and Japan mean that lipivir® is fully capable of global sales.

UK Sales

The latest campaign for the winter season has just launched last weekend and we are already seeing an increasing number, and size of orders direct from the UK. As the campaign develops we expect more growth and sustained purchases from existing user customers.


Our partner in Canada reports that the lipivir® launch is well under way already with steady development in online sales over the last three months and in the pharmacy test market early adoption of lipivir® by heavy users when it is offered at the counter when they buy an acute treatment for the outbreak they are already suffering.

lipivir® has also had some early successes in gaining PR coverage in print and online which is bringing many people to the Canadian website and shop.


The recently started initiative to seed the Italian market with samples to prepare it for a launch have met with a unexpected but welcome reception. Immediately after announcing the sample campaign on line a beauty blogger called Devirex looking to write about lipivir®. By the end of that first week 18 more had applied and now more than 45 have contacted us!

Italy seems to be fertile ground for our product and promotions.

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