The Company's operating structure is divided into four business units led by a Management Group consisting of the CEO Paul Scherer, the CFO Theo Seiler and the Chairman of the Board Martin Austin. These three persons share the responsibilities for managing the business units Sales and Marketing, Production and Logistics, Regulatory and Quality Management and Finance and administration.

The main tasks for the Sales and Marketing business unit is to continuously identify marketing-partners in different countries, engage qualitative partners and to execute the various marketing campaigns.

The production and packaging of the lipivir® gel is outsourced. Devirex has two manufacturers under contract, C.P.M. Contract-Pharma GmbH & Co which is a member of the German Temmler-Group and Dreiturm GmbH which is an independent family owned company. Logistics which includes transportation of the lipivir®-tubes to the end-customer is carried out in cooperation with international logistics partners.

The main tasks of the Regulatory and Quality Management business unit are to monitor and ensure that the Company complies with all regulatory requirements and, continuously monitor that the production of lipivir® meet the quality standards set by the Company.

The main tasks of the Finance and Administration unit are to manage the Devirex Group’ accounting, produce and follow-up on financial projections, produce interim reports and, in dialogue with the Company’s Auditor, prepare for, and produce annual reports as well as other administrative tasks.

As of the date of this Memorandum, Devirex employed 3 people (2.5 full time engagements) and, on a regular basis, engage 10 external part-time consultants. The Company considers this organisational structure the most cost-effective given the Company’s development phase and capitalisation.