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lipivir® – the first cold sore prophylaxis.

lipivir®, an innovative and clinically tested lip gel, makes it possible to live cold sore-free. The first product of its kind, it focuses on prevention rather than systematic treatment. The colourless gel, developed in Switzerland, is the world’s first prophylactic on the market that can be used before the first symptoms of herpes labialis become noticeable. lipivir®’s patented gel mixture of polyethylene glycols has been proven to prevent outbreaks of herpes labialis. Both the effectiveness and tolerability of lipivir® have been clinically tested with positive results.

How does lipivir® work?

Put simply, lipivir® builds a barrier – an internal barrier against the viral signalling that causes cold sores. The HSV-1 herpes virus resides in the ganglion nerve tissue when dormant. It sends out scout virus particles to investigate the condition of the lip cells. If the conditions are favourable, the scout virus particles send back signals to the herpes virus in the nerve tissue. lipivir® interrupts this viral signalling, meaning that the virus particles around the lip cells, or the affected area that the product is applied to, cannot communicate with the herpes virus in the ganglion nerve tissue. This helps to prevent an invasion of new virus particles, and therefore to impede a cold sore outbreak. The substance in lipivir® that helps prevent cold sores is a proprietary mixture of polyethylene glycols (PEGs).

How do I use lipivir®?

lipivir® is a product for the prevention of cold sores. It should be applied twice a day: once in the morning and once in the evening before going to bed. We do not recommend further applications, as this does not increase the effect and can lead to dry lips. If you stop using lipivir®, its protective effect will cease and you may develop cold sores again.

How do I apply lipivir®?

Take a pin-sized drop of lipivir® gel and apply it to your lip line and other affected areas. After waiting for one minute, you can apply your favourite moisturising lip balm, skin care product or makeup.

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