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Devirex was founded in 2006 with the primary goal of developing a product that can prevent the appearance of cold sores (herpes simplex virus, HSV-1).
In the time between 2006 and 2010 the product lipivir, the manufacturing process and the analytics were developed. After a clinical study at the University Hospital in Zurich, Devirex found itself in the situation of having discovered a new technology that can prevent outbreaks of oral herpes with a high degree of efficiency. The next steps were registration of patents and trademarks, comprehensive market studies and initial marketing activities with customer surveys. In 2010 the Company applied for patent (EPO) and registration of the trademark lipivir® and in 2011 the Company received marketing authorisation for the EU market (CE-mark).
lipivir® was classified and licensed as a medical device by Health Canada. 2013 to 2017 Extensive market research was carried out for the markets in Switzerland, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Hong Kong and Singapore. The results were clear: in all markets the incidence of cold sores is nearly the same (33% of the population suffer from cold sores every year). Amongst others focus group discussions were conducted in order to find out the real needs of our customers. Based on these extensive data Devirex developed a marketing strategy and modern marketing tools, website, webshop, social media presence. Numerous marketing experiments in Switzerland, Germany and the United Kingdom were conducted to test the marketing strategy.
In 2017 Devirex signed a contract with a Canadian distributor. In 2018 a first online marketing trial was done in the United Kingdom with good results. UK is a good market to start with the commercialisation of o consumer product: big country, one language, one currency, developed e-commerce, good postal system. The launch with lipivir® was therefore done in December 2019 with the engagement of a UK-based marketing agency with good knowledge in online marketing tools. The outcome of the campaign was good and it was obvious for the Company that it has found a good blend of marketing activities. The monthly revenues could be increased tenfold within the first 12 months.


The next step is the launch in Switzerland. In Switzerland, the lipivir® product is mainly distributed via the stationary market (pharmacies, drugstores, cosmetic studios, dentists and others). The product has been available online for years. Starting from 2023 the roll-out of the product will be initiated, based on a distribution network and licence partnerships, in the EU and worldwide. The next steps are planned on the product range extension. In addition to new packaging with a different way of applying lipivir®, the product pipeline is to be pushed forward. A product for genital herpes and a product for shingles have high priority. Additional products in the field of prevention in skin care, such as acne are planned.
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